Big Man

Roll up, big man roll up, come and have a go.
A woman in a Chelsea shirt, silly cow what does she know!
Bet she’s not a proper fan, bet she’s only been
A follower for a year or two, plastic know what I mean?
Roll up big men, gather round and talk tactics above my head.
Pretend that I’m not in the room, ignore what I just said.
But ignore me at your peril boys, I won’t just go away.
And I was there in Munich in that stadium in May.
And I was there when we were shit so you can’t pin that on me.
I’ve seen more than you and your armchair crew as you watch it in 3D.
So have a go if you really must but get your facts straight first.
I’m here right now to see the best, but I’ve also seen the worst.
So now I’ll have my moment and enjoy it while I can.
I’ll still be there if we’re crap once more.
Will you be there, big man?

© Carol Ann Wood
May 2012

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