The Blame Game

You can blame it on football, if that’s what you choose.
You can blame it on class, you can blame it on booze.
You can blame it on all those who follow the game,
You can call us all racists and say we’re the same.

But – it wouldn’t be right and it wouldn’t be true.
Cos, to say it’s just football’s a short-sighted view.
Take a look in your pub, take a look in your street,
In your workplace, your shops, at the people you meet.

Their views might be covert, their minds are closed shut
As they utter their cliché “”I’m not racist, BUT …”
So don’t link me with haters whose views I despise,
Don’t hit me with rants or your Daily Mail lies.

If you look a bit deeper instead of just spouting,
You’ll see it goes further than pissed morons shouting.
For a racist’s a racist, wherever they roam,
In the pub or at football, or closer to home.

In a church, in a school, in your ‘nice’ village hall –
So it’s not ‘football’s problem’ – it’s one for us all.
Now, cut out the blame with your “I was just saying.”
It’s futile, it’s pointless, and I’m just not playing!

© Carol Ann Wood
March 2015

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