In Memory Of Matthew Harding: 26/12/1953 – 22/10/1996

For Di Matteo’s early goal,
We knew that you were there.
In cheers, in tears through the Chelsea years
That you never got to share.
In stadiums throughout the globe,
Wherever the Blue Boys played
We felt your love, we saw your smile.
We wish you could have stayed.
For all the glorious trophy wins,
In moments of despair.
In the heartache of the Moscow game,
We knew that you were there.
We know you watched us win the league,
We felt your happy heart.
We heard you laugh and we heard you cheer
Like we’d never been apart.
You were in the snow in Tromso,
You were in the San Siro.
You’re in the stand that we named for you.
You are everywhere we go.
At Wembley for each FA Cup,
And in Munich that magic night.
When Drogs stepped up to bring us joy,
We felt your pure delight.
You are there for the pain of each defeat,
As you will us to keep on singing.
You are on our roller coaster ride,
And the love that it keeps bringing.
You’re a legend, Matthew, in the sky,
Yet, you’ve never really gone.
You’re here in the heart of every fan,
Because men like you live on.

© Carol Ann Wood
October 2016

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