Plastic Clearout

Come listen up, you plastic fan,
We need to have a chat.
With your two-crest scarf around your neck,
And your fancy day-trip hat.

Welcome to the real world
Where you have no right to win.
Where things can go against the team,
And frustration settles in.

We older fans spent many years
In dark and dismal places.
But still we went, and kept our faith
With other loyal faces.

Welcome to the real world
Where defeat can be the norm.
But you don’t deserve the glory
If you cannot stick the storm.

Some fans of other clubs can only dream
Of all we’ve won.
They’ll never see those trophies
That the likes of us have done.

Support is not just temporary
But form can come and go.
It’s not a brand you pick and chose.
Your heart should tell you so.

You don’t deserve the sunshine
If you cannot stand the rain.
Success is not a guarantee
And sometimes, there’ll be pain.

You don’t deserve the next parade
If you cannot climb the hill.
Would you be there if we went down?
I know the ones who will.

Of course the loyal will have their moan,
We’ll mutter, curse and grumble.
As no-one likes their team to lose
And see the fortress crumble.

But if you cannot ride the waves,
Please go and watch Man City,
Or whoever wins the league in May,
If you only like it pretty.

Go take your selfies some place else,
And leave us loyal to sing.
Because we’ve walked this road before,
Through every single thing.

We want our ground to fill with fans
Who’re constant, loyal and true.
So, gather up your halve-and-halves,
As this won’t apply to you.

We will come good, just like before,
But we cannot name the day.
So please pick up your your plastic hearts
And stay the hell away.

And when we’re on our way back up,
Once more on winning track,
We’ll wave at you from your some place else,
Cos you won’t be welcome back.

© Carol Ann Wood
Sunday 1 November 2015

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